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Here at Top Handgun Reviews.com we think you deserve a little more than just a guy showing you a video of himself shooting his handgun and then telling you “It felt good” as a review.  Nope, not here....  

We are going to take a slightly different twist to analyzing handguns.   You may say a “Common Sense Approach.”  A theme that will be through out the assessments of not only handguns, but other related items and accessories as well.

We strive to include others in the process by asking men and women what is important to them when looking to buy and/or shoot a handgun.  Our initial survey results are compiled with a weighted point system to give you the top reviews you will find on the internet.  

Here are some of the categories that we will be scoring:

  1. Ease of use 
  2. Durability & Reliability
  3. Ergonomics
  4. Fire Power
  5. Accuracy
  6. Value

We will score semi-automatics as well as revolvers like the popular Taurus Judge, as well as many different calibers such as the 380 acp, 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 acp, 44 magnum, and the powerful 50 caliber Desert Eagle handgun from Magnum Research Inc.   We may even review a few .22lr pistols while we are at it.  Yes, I'm thinking of you Ruger SR22......

Tell us what you think are the important categories!

We left no one out!

Women are not left out here at THR.  Here we strive to bring a women’s point of view in to all of our reviews.  After all some of the best shooters I know are women, so I would be remiss to forget about them, plus my wife would never let me live it down...  

By separating "What Women Want", great movie by the way, we can provide a custom list of Top Ten Handguns for both women and men.  The perspective of female shooters, with a little help from a local women's gun club here in Virginia will be in all the handgun reviews and in the assessments of handgun accessories like concealed carry purses and even gun safes.  

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