642 Revolver Handgun Review

The specifications of the S&W 642 revolver

Origin: USA (1995)
Caliber: .38 S&W Special +P
Capacity: 5 rounds
Overall length: 6.3125" / 16.0 cm
Action: Double Action Only
Weight: 15 oz / 425.3 g
Trigger: Pull: about 11 lbs.
Frame: J Frame, Aluminum
Barrel: Stainless Steel
Hammer: Internal Hammer

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Durability and Reliability

This S&W 642 revolver, as most revolvers are, very good for their reliability, and durability is not so shabby either.  The 642 is known to many as a sure firing gun that is recommended to many first time gun owners who plan to carry concealed.  Why?  Because it always goes bang and it's pretty easy to use.  Not much goes into operating this gun, but we can talk more about this later.  So as you can probably guess this one gets a 10.

Durability & Reliability = 10


graphic 39008729

This is where this gun falls short a bit.  With a 5 round capacity of .38 special, this revolver is not what I would say has lots of firepower.  The muzzle energy is around 200 ft/lbs and with 130 grain bullet it doesn't score that high.  Now having said that, it's better than nothing if you intend to carry this gun and you can get +p ammunition that adds a little more punch, but we only compare full metal jacket target rounds not the +p ammunition.

Firepower = 4


This gun only has a 1.875" barrel so you can't expect to much out of this gun.  Also, throw in a heavy trigger and it all adds up to either be real close to what you are shooting at or practice a whole bunch.  Not easy to shoot consistent groups.

Accuracy = 3

Size & Weight

Well, this is kinda a high point for this 642 revolver along with reliability.  S&W considers this a light weight gun and for the most part they are correct.  They do have lighter revolvers, but we will review those when we can get our hands on them.  This gun comes in at 15 oz. and is easy to carry and not to bad to shoot, but is somewhat wide compared to some semi-automatic pistols.  This is the nature of revolvers though.

My wife thinks this gun is a light gun so I would consider it as advertised.

Size & Weight = 7

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