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Hi!  My name is J.C. Thompson (pictured with my true love, Rose).  I'm what you would call gun enthusiast and this hobby or lifestyle has been front in center in my life for quite some time. 

I grew up in South Western Pennsylvania and one thing is for sure on your 12th birthday in PA you got a shotgun and a rifle, but before that I had my Fathers pump BB gun which I wore out shooting at things in the field behind my house. 

Now I wasn't as good as a hunter as I wanted to be, but one things is for sure, if I could see it, I could hit it!  But either way I was hooked on slinging that rifle on my shoulder and trekking through the woods with my Father who always seemed to have the better spot than me.  (Not sure how that happened) 

During my high school years, I belonged to the school Rifle team and competed every year with other local schools.  This experience really helped sharpen my skills as a marksman and dive further in to the art of shooting.

After High School, I enlisted in the United States Air Force and spent 10 great years traveling around the world.  Being in the Military gave me the chance to do one of my favorite things in the whole world, shoot guns..... 

During the first Gulf War, I spent some time pulling my share of Security Police duty, spending hours, and hours, and hours, and hours freezing my butt off with my best friend, the M16.

As a Combat Communicator and later as a Mobility School instructor with the 1st Combat Communication Squadron in Germany, I was able to share my knowledge in tactics and shooting to others within my squadron.

(See one of my classes back in 1997 below)  They don't even look like they knew why they were there.  

The Crew!

Me giving back an M16 after a student lost it in the drills.  He still passed.... Haha! (Below)

Life has led to to the wonderful state of Virginia since 2000 and my love of shooting has grown.  I soon found myself starting to  purchase handguns for more than protection, I bought them for fun.  I since have met many other enthusiast who share my love for firearms.  

I was approached by a co-worker who owned and built websites on the side and showed me a way to share my hobby with more than just my close friends.  He showed me how much fun and rewarding it could be...

Top Handgun Reviews was born.

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