FTC Disclosure

A friend of mine was nice enough to tell me about the FTC disclaimer so I'm following his lead. (Thanks Justin!)

It seems the FTC requires all bloggers to report how they receive money from their websites. I'm not really a blogger, but why not do it anyway.

TopHandgunReviews.com was not created to make money.  I created this site to educate and provide a point of view on things that are related to handguns.  I enjoy working on this and financial motivation has never been my primary driver.

All that being said, the website does cost me some money and I will provide some advertising at some point to try and pay for the website.  But, my primary focus is to provide quality information and promote the things that I find interesting and helpful.

Websites of this type are all about trust and integrity.  This site will never be all about making money as I’m sure you’ve seen other places.  Not one company or group has contributed a penny ($.01) to me or this site and no one has any influence on my reviews or opinions, expect my wife!  :)  Again at some point I will most likely have some advertisements, but in the effort to make this website a one stop shop for good information.

Thanks!  J.C.

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