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Before I jump right into Glock Handgun Reviews, I wanted to give a brief overview of the company that makes these pistols, but if you want to get straight to the reviews than have at it.....

Glock 27

Glock 43

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Go to any person who owns a Glock and they will most likely tell you that they are great guns.  Yes, so great that many people trust them when their life depends on it. 

Although you will find people who just don't like their products, the number of law enforcement agencies that use them is overwhelming.  Somewhere in the neighborhood of 65% (according to Glock) of law enforcement agencies use one of these "Safe Action" semi-automatic pistols. 

I know people who not just own one of these guns, but several, so let me tell you about the manufacture. The owner, Gaston Glock, was not a firearms expert, but he was an expert in Synthetic Polymers.  With that knowledge, he was able to design a "plastic" gun. 

They have a reputation for being very reliable and very durable given that they are a polymer frame.  Yes, just the frame is polymer.  The slide is still made of metal, but they use what they call a Ferritic nitrocarburizing process to harden the metal and make it very tough and resistant to corrosion.

Of course, no one wanted it from the start, I mean who would believe that a plastic gun could be reliable and durable?  Well in 1980, the Austrian Army set out to replace their current duty pistol with something new. 

The Austrians put out a list of very strict handgun requirements and asked for gun manufactures to meet them, and then present their handguns for testing.  Well many of the big guys showed up like H&K and Sig Sauer, but the Glock 17 won it all, and became the Austrian Army's duty handgun in 1982. They have now grown into a giant in the handgun industry. 

Probably dating myself here, but who remembers back in the 80's when people thought these were used to get past metal detectors? 

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