Glock 27 Handgun review

The specifications of the Glock 27

Origin: Austria (1996)
Dimensions: Length: 165 mm / 6.49 in.
Height: 106 mm / 4.17 in.
Width: 30.00 mm / 1.18 in.
Barrel Length: 87 mm / 3.42 in.
Weight: Unloaded: 560 g / 19.75 oz.
Loaded: 765 g / 27.00 oz.
Trigger: Pull: 2.5 kg / 5.5 lbs.
Travel: 12.5 mm / 0.49 in.
Magazine: 9 (Standard).
Capacity: 11/13/15/17/22 (Optional)

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No place better to start than one of my favorite handguns, the Glock 27 (G27).   This is my concealed carry weapon of choice by they way,  I will explain why in the review.  The Glock 27 handgun was designed to give the shooter the same firepower and accuracy as it's full size kin, but in a concealable size.  It is very comparable to the Glock 26 which is chambered in 9mm as the G27 uses the 40 S&W cartridge.

The G27 displayed here (above) is a 3rd generation Glock.  The 4th Generation is also sold, but the one I'm about to review is for the 3rd GEN.  I will talk some about the differences and maybe review the 4th GEN at some point, but as I have so many reviews to do, it would be a little redundant at this time to do so.  Rest assured I will get to it, like my Honey-do-list!  

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Durability and Reliability

Let's start by talking about the durability and reliability of the Glock 27.  Glocks are famous for just these two things.  These are some of the reasons that they have been so trusted by military and law enforcement around the globe.  Have I actually put one in the mud and then shot it? No, I can't say that I have,  but I can tell you however that the testing of these handguns is quite extensive. 

Personally, I have seen this gun shoot anything and everything that is put in it, with not one malfunction.  This is the most reliable gun that I personally have used and that is why I trust it with my life. 

Now I can't speak for the the durability and reliability after it has been modified.  I know of Glock handguns that don't function worth a darn after someone made some simple modifications to it.  I follow this simple philosophy when it comes to handguns that I carry, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

(Just a side note) The 4th GEN was said to not be as reliable as the 3rd GEN when it first came out, but story goes is that the bugs have been worked out. 

Durability & Reliability = 10


graphic 39008729

This is a topic that is discussed quite a bit with gun enthusiasts.  You may hear some use the words "Stopping Power."  Well, that is important for self defense situations and is part of the equation for Firepower. 

So let's take a look shall we....  9 rounds standard, with options for more if you buy different magazines and a .40 S&W to boot.  Given the ballistics of the .40 S&W and the fact that you have 9 shots, I would have to say that is pretty decent.  Consider that this pistol is meant mostly for concealed carry, I would say that it has considerable firepower. 

Would 11 or 12 rounds be better?  Sure!  If using this handgun as a home defense weapon getting a higher capacity magazine really increases the firepower. (see the 22 round magazine above)

If you are using a 22 round magazine I would rate it a 10.  9 rounds for concealed firepower is still pretty good.

Firepower = 8


Accuracy, another attribute of a handgun that draws people to the Glock line of "Safe Action" pistols in general.  There was at least one competitive shooter, the name escapes me, that has won championships with just a stock Glock.  Is the Glock 27 any different?  (Once I remember the name I will update this review)

So with the understanding that the barrel is only 3.42 in. long, I would say that it is accurate.  Now that is basing the accuracy on the fact that it is a sub-compact.  Personally, having shot this extensively, I maybe a little biased and a better shot than some, but my wife shoots it really good also.  

Follow up shots with a good pace still make it on to the target, so again I feel the accuracy is very solid.  Remember I'm about 20 feet at this point, but taking my time I can still hit the target from a further distance. 

You should also know that I wouldn't consider myself a top flight marksman with a pistol either so that must count for something.  So what does it rate?  Given my experience and with what others attest....

Accuracy = 7

Size & Weight


Size & Weight, another key for anyone looking to buy a handgun. The Glock 27 is not the lightest, but not the heaviest either.  Coming in at 27 oz. loaded, I would say that is right about where it should be. 

My wife tends to think that it is a bit on the heavy side, but I think the weight suits it.  To put it another way, I wouldn't want to carry anything heavier than this concealed, but it is very manageable.

I think that the G27 could be a bit slimmer, which would make it a tad lighter also.  When wearing it with an inside the waistband holster it does add to the belt loop notches.

Size & Weight = 8


Here is another category where my wife and I disagree. I love the way the Glock 27 points and feels in my hand, but my wife thinks that it is to big for hers and doesn't like the feel at all. 

The Generation 4 does have an adjustable back strap, but the Gen 3 doesn't.  This might help her with the big part of that, but the angle at which the grip is to the barrel is still not preferred.  Of course, I like it because I feel I can get my sights on target quickly

The slide release and magazine releases are right where they should be and don't get in the way while discharging the gun.  A magazine release on the right side is added in the Gen 4 version so you lefties may want to look for a Gen 4 instead of a Gen 3.

One thing about this Glock is that you will only be able to fit 2 fingers on the grip unless you get a grip extension for about $10. 

Ergonomics = 6

Ease of Use

This is an easy one.  The Glock 27 is easy to shoot, easy to take apart, and easy to clean.  One thing, like always, please make sure that the chamber is clear while disassembling this gun.  You are saying to yourself DAH! but I'm here to tell you this happens more than it should.

While taking the gun apart there is a step where you must pull the trigger to get the slide off the gun.  Having a bullet left in the chamber, it will go off.  So safety tip!

This is a Double Action Only pistol so the trigger pull is always going to be around 5.5 lbs.  I like this trigger and it is easy to get used to.  It has a decent feel to it with a pretty short reset.  I could do without the trigger safety because it does wear on me sometimes, but is not a big deal.

I think the Glock 27 also gets a little slippery when shooting for extended periods.  Maybe a better texture on the grip would help.

Women tend to  say that this beats them up some when shooting it, meaning they think it is a little rough on the wrists, and I do agree you should have a firm grip when shooting this gun. 

Ease of Use = 8


If you are looking for a gun with available accessories then Glock is your brand.  There is such a huge after market for Glock handguns it is almost ridiculous.  You can find triggers, grips, holsters, sights, you name it.  If you are into customizing, you will enjoy the selection for the Glock 27.

Accessories = 10


This is not an easy one to place.  The Glock 27 is great for concealed carry as I had talked about, but also has the ability to up the ante with a 22 round magazine.  Picture this, you go out to Wal-Mart with this gun in your holster (9 Shots) and when you get home you put in the 22 round magazine and put in you favorite spot ready for action.  This makes it a great concealed gun, but also a very capable home defense weapon as well.  The best of both worlds.

It also is accurate enough to have plenty of fun at the range if you choose to do so.  But for the purpose of scoring, it will be scored as a concealed handgun.  In my opinion, it would have been a 9 if it had more than a safety on the trigger.  I know, don't pull the trigger and it won't go off....  These are just my thoughts, and something a new gun owner should think about.  See what I mean with this video.....

Function/Role = 8


So buy now you can tell I'm a Glock fan....  I have considered what people have to say negative about these guns, but there aren't really that many.

Can anyone tell me of a gun that has more value?  Probably not....  Can you find a gun for concealed carry that you like more?  Probably so....  But for something in the lower ends of $500, you will be hard pressed to find a gun that is more reliable, more customizable, and more flexible than the G27.

Don't believe me, just ask anyone who owns one. 

Durability & Reliability = 10
Firepower = 10
Accuracy = 7
Size & Weight = 8
Ergonomics = 6
Ease of Use = 8
Accessories = 10
Function/Role = 8
Value = 10
TOTAL = 77

Have a favorite Glock? Tell us why....

Tell us about it! Good stories about Glocks are welcome also.

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