HK Handgun Reviews

Lets talk about HK Handgun Reviews and the company that produces them.  There is a long and complicated past for this company dating back to the year 1811.  Before I provide an overview of the modern H&K company, I wanted to provide the list of handguns that I will review.


USP 45


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As I mentioned above, there is a long story about how HK came to be what it is today, so I wanted to save you and at least start some where in the 20th century. 

Edmund Heckler, Theodor Koch, and Alex Seidel where all former Mauser engineers from WWII, and of course, you may remember that the Mauser was the German's Military bolt action rifle used in the war.

After the Mauser factory was destroyed, these three engineers kept what they could from the ruins later to be used to start what we know as Heckler & Koch, as registered  in 1949. 

Early on,  in 1950's, they were building items for households and bicycles trying to help rebuild Germany after WWII and soon was moving into designing gauges and tools.

Their dedication to high quality engineering lead them to make the G3 assault rifle.  In 1959, it was the standard rifle for German forces.  This rifle was used in more than 50 nations and produced over three million of them.

Well, in the 1960's, HK started producing the MP5 which took off to be the most popular sub machine gun in the world.  Since the inception of the MP5 there has been many modifications and model changes.  This gun was used in so many movies, I can't even begin to list them.  OK, just one,  Die Hard.....

In 1969, they used their knowledge to start building pistols and that is when the P9S was introduced.  Known for it's accuracy it was adopted by the US Navy Seals.  The receiver was also designed using a high tech plastic composite.

In 1976, Heckler & Koch, Inc. was established as a US company based out of Arlington, Va.  They designed a pistol for the American market called the USP.  In 1997, the USP compact was born, and soon became adopted by many law enforcement agencies. 

Other HK developed rifles are the G36 and the sub machine gun MP7 used by NATO.

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