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Ok, your probably like how do you score handgun accessories?  It's not that hard really, it really just depends on the versatility of the handgun and what type of items are made for it.  Like Holsters, lights, Lasers, grips, and so many other things. 

If a gun doesn't have a rail on the front for attaching items like a light or laser, than maybe it doesn't score as well.  If there are not that many manufactures making holsters for it, than it won't score that well.  These are all factors in this category. It should be looked at if you are shopping around for a handgun.

As I talked about under the function/role page, I will look at this for home defense weapons especially.  If you can add a light to you gun you use for home defense, than chances are better that you identify the correct target if that moment arises.  Does the logic make sense? 

Here is something I would love to have, but can't justify buying.

I will in time start to add items to the reviews for readers to get a good idea of some of the popular things that are offered for that particular handgun.  I will also suggest some that would be useful if you ever decide to own it.  Hey, again let me do the research..... :)  Here are some handgun accessories that I will be looking for:

Holsters - Inside the Waist band (IWB), Outside the Waist band (OWB)

Lights - LEDs

Lasers - Green & Red

Grips - Slide on grips, replacement grips, tape

Sights - Night Sights

Magazines - Extensions and larger capacity magazines

I will not recommend anything that doesn't make sense to own, or not to put it crudely, a piece of junk.  Anything that I suggest, will have been proven to work and be of a reasonably good value.

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