Handgun Accuracy

Handgun Accuracy is an important category for most people simply because you want a handgun to be just that, and be able to hit what your aiming at.  Now this is a little subjective in that we all have different skill levels. 

For this, we will look at how it shoots for us and how it shots for others.  I may shoot a Glock really well, but not an HK.  So this is going to be based on my experience and the collection of others experiences with that certain pistol. 

If find that I shoot a gun just ok, and someone else gets good groups I will have to take that into account.  I have said other places here on this website, that I am not the best marksman with a handgun, so I take that into account when scoring one.

I will try my best to make sure all things are equal for the scoring of this category.  I will make sure that the rounds fired are the same or similar so that the results are not skewed.  So with that, I will say that the reputation of a gun will be taken into consideration.

If I think that a certain aspect of the gun is why it's not performing well, like the trigger or sights, I will of course, make note of that and also bring that to the table.  I will only review a gun by how it comes from the manufacture, out of the box.  Me reviewing a modified handgun does not do to much for people who are serious about looking for a gun or comparing them. 

I will not score any handgun on just what a manufactures suggests to me.  They all say their guns are precision made, but I'll let you know the truth when I review them. 

Oh here is cool video on shooting accuracy...  (May not be your team, but have to respect the skill)

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