Handgun Durability and Reliability

To explain how we score handgun Durability and Reliability shouldn't be to hard; I mean they do kind of explain themselves right?  Well, let me tell you how we review this category and score it.  

Durability: Able to exist for a long time without significant deterioration.

This is not a classroom, but I can't say it any better than Webster here.  How long will any particular handgun last?  Well, hard to say for any one owner to tell you unless they have shot thousands of rounds through it and really probably carry it every day.  

The way we score guns is part on reputation, experience, and what other owners/retailers say about the handgun durability.  Let'ss say I shot a gun for a review, but I don't own it.  How can I say what the durability is?  Well this is where I reach out to my resources on the internet and people I know who sell and own them to come to a consensus on what kind of handgun durability is to be expected.

I know you are probably thinking well that's not very scientific and you are spot on with that.  Hard to be scientific with it unless I had all the data from the companies on how many issues they have with a particular gun.  How often do you think that will happen?  Not often, so I have already done the hard work and researched the heck of each gun to come up the best and most reasonable score I can.

If I rank handgun durability a 9 out of 10, there will be someone who has that gun who would say it's more like a 5.  I expect that to be the case sometimes, but I assure you I will have the same conclusion you will have after researching for hours on the internet and shooting the gun yourself. 

So let me do the dirty work and you reap the benefits.

Reliability:  I'll spare you Webster here, but how well does the handgun do what it is supposed to do, FIRE!  

This is where you will see the acronyms like Failure To Feed (FTF) or Failure To Eject (FTE).  A handgun that does these things will not score high for reliability.

Now here is a gun that has reliability issues. 

I will use the same methods as above to gather the details on the handgun's reliability.  Believe me, if a gun has a reputation of not firing when it supposed to, people talk about it, and when they talk about it, I listen.

I will not score a gun any different because of it's class, so a sub-compact is judged the same as a full size handgun.  Even though you probably are carrying the sub-compact if you go concealed carry.

Any gun that doesn't fire on a regular basis will not score above a 5.  A handgun that shoots some ammo reliably and some not will score higher,  like around a 7.  A gun that shots anything it's fed every time, well you got it, a 10.

The organization where I shoot has over a 1000 members and I get plenty of feed back on these guns, so again let me do the research and you enjoy the review. 

To understand how we review Firepower, click here.

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