Handgun Ease of Use

Handgun Ease of Use is a really good category and really one that matters quite a bit to me.  The name of the category says something about this, how easy is it to use this handgun? 

I find that a handgun that is easy to use really ups the fun factor when shooting.  I mean, if I don't have to struggle with it than I have more fun shooting it.  If everything works correctly, that's more time for me to have fun with the gun at the range.  It also means that if I have to use it in a high stress situation than there are less things to go wrong for me to use it. 

Remember, your body's fine motor skills will be greatly deteriorated under stress and muscle memory has to take over, so the easier it is to use the gun than the better off you'll be.

So what's all involved with this category, well let me tell you.  Here is a list of things that I will review for Handgun Ease of Use.

Trigger - Is it a hard, long pull? Does it have a nice clean break when firing?

Sights - Do the sights line up naturally, or do I feel like I can't see them very well?

Slide - Can I grip the slide well, and how hard is it to rack it, or pull it back?

Magazine & Slide release - Are they hard to operate?  How much force does it take to use them?  Do I accidentally engage them when shooting

Grip - Does it move, or is it too hard to hold when my hand gets sweaty?  Is it easy to grab if I need to conceal it?

Safety - How does the safety work?  Is it awkward and hard to use?  How easy is it to put the gun on safe?

Hammer - How easy is it to return the hammer to a safe position?  How do I un-cock the gun. 

Maintenance - How hard is it to take apart and clean, then reassemble it?

Conceal-ability  - How easy does it conceal and is it comfortable to wear?

As you can see, quite a bit to talk about here.  Each one of these things in it's self may not be a big deal if it is a little sub par, but if two or three of these are sub par then you will see it being scored a little lower.  So the higher the score the easier it is to use it.  Simple, right?

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