Handgun Ergonomics

Handgun Ergonomics, how does the gun feel in your hand and how does it feel when you shoot it?  Here is a more thorough way to say it...  (clearing my throat)

Medical definition: An applied science concerned with the characteristics of people that need to be considered in designing things that they use in order that people and things will interact most effectively and safely—called also human engineering, human factors engineering

Men and Women will look at things differently here.  Men usually have larger hands and like full size grips and women usually have smaller hands and like the thinner grips. I'm sure the fact that men have bigger hands than women is a shocker...  I know, right.... HAHA.

I guess this may not always be true, see here...

We will also look at how easy the slide & magazine releases are to reach.  If it feels good in your hand, but you can't reach the mag release then that particular handgun will suffer in THR's scoring

When shooting, does the slide release or magazine release get in the way?  Does the trigger or trigger guard rub on your hand when you shoot.  Is the gun just uncomfortable to shoot?  Maybe the slide hits your hand when shooting, not good!

We will look at each gun from a perspective of a man and a woman and give you an idea what each think about the feel of the handguns we review.  I can tell you now that guns with adjustable hand grips will most likely score higher, but I will score this using my own meat hook so that all the reviews can be compared together in this category.

To understand how we review Handgun Ease of Use, click here.

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