Handgun Function/Role

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With the category Handgun Function & Role I wanted to look at and review how well does the handgun do what it is supposed to do.  For instance,  if it's a sub-compact and meant for concealed carry how does it rate or score at doing just that?

If a gun is meant for concealed carry, but it's to bulky and hard to wear than does it really fulfill it's role as a concealed carry weapon?  

This will not be an overly harsh critique of the handgun as much as scoring it compared with it's competition that is also built for the same role. So if I have two handguns that are both meant for competition, then I'm going to look at how they perform in those areas.  This is the one category that may not cross the different classes of handguns.

All guns being scored here I will be taking into consideration the Reliability, and Ease of Use along with the specific things for each role:

Concealed carry - Firepower, Size & Weight

Home defense weapon - Firepower, Accessories

Range/Competition - Accuracy, Value

Value is important for all, but when it comes to buying a gun to protect your life, value may not be what you think it is.  So value is only under competition and range guns.

To understand how we review Handgun Accessories, click here.

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