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With a gun this small you can expect to run into some type of ergonomic issues, but most of them were with me, and not my wife.  It feels ok to me, but my third finger barely fits on. 

The slide and magazine release are in good position and I had no issue with reaching them.  The negative is that it's only on the left side of the gun as pictured above.  There is no safety. 

The trigger is easy to find with my finger, but the distance between the trigger and the trigger guard maybe to small for someone with large hands. 

The wife had no issue pointing this gun and getting it on target, but both of us agree that it doesn't point all that naturally. 

Ergonomics = 6

Ease of Use

Trigger - The trigger is a 5lbs pull and a little long, but not bad at all.  With no safety, and it being a CCW handgun, it works well. 

Sights - The sights don't point naturally to me and the rear sight is actually offset a bit, so needless to say, I'm not amused by it.  The front dot is large and looks good when looking at the sight picture. (See below) 

Slide - The slide operates easily (Not HK easy).  The wife has no issue with racking the slide, and she is picky about such things.  It could, however, use a deep groove, so my hand doesn't slip. 

Magazine & Slide release - Both work as intended, with the slide release being just a bit tight.  The magazine release works well, but only on one side.

Grip - Moves a bit when hand is sweaty, but not to bad. 

Maintenance - This is one thing I don't like.  If you look at pictures above you can see the pin that needs to come out to disassemble.  You will most likley need a dime or something to get it out and a needle to get it back in.  You're probably like, "what the heck are you talking about?"  See the piece of metal along the bottom of the slide?  it's like a spring, and has to be pushed down for the slide pin to go all the way in.  It will snap back into the pin along the grove shown above.  A pain......

Conceal-ability  - Easy to conceal!  Just make sure you have a holster because there is no safety. 

I would like to add, that this gun does have plenty of felt recoil and is very rough to shoot.  100 rounds is all I ever want to put down the barrel at any one trip to the range.

Ease of Use = 5


You can get a 8 round magazine or a +1 extension for the magazines that come with it for about $14.  I would highly recommend it.  Kel-Tec has listened to its customers here. 

There are holsters out there, but not as many on the shelf as I would like.  The accessory rail is a MIL-STD-1913 picatinny rail, there is only one locking notch in the forward position. 

Accessories =7


graphic 39008729

Concealed carry - This gun is designed and meant for only one thing.  Concealed carry!  If you're looking for a gun that you can wear all day because it's really light, then this is the gun for you.  I can wear it all day, and not even notice it.  Also, with having no safety, I can be sure that all I have to do is pull the trigger. 

Just make sure you put it through its paces before carrying it like any gun to ensure there are no hiccups.  I would have ranked it higher if it had more firepower, but remember, "If it's to heavy to carry, than firepower means nothing."

Function/Role = 8


If your on a budget, or are just looking for a handgun that doesn't feel like you're carrying a brick, then the value here is really good.

Also, lets not forget about the customer service, that adds value right there.  So for $300, I would rate this a great value.  Here are the retail prices from Kel-Tec.  I would spend a little more and get the Parkerized.....

Blued Finish - $ 333.00

Parkerized Finish - $ 377.00

Hard Chrome Finish - $ 390.00

Function/Role = 9


Durability & Reliability = 6
Firepower = 5
Accuracy = 6
Size & Weight = 10
Ergonomics = 6
Ease of Use = 5
Accessories = 7
Function/Role = 8
Value = 9
TOTAL = 62

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