Kel-Tec PF-9 Handgun Review

The specifications of the Kel-Tec PF-9

Origin: USA
Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 7 rounds
Overall length: 5.85"
Action: Double Action Only
Weight: 12.7 oz, unloaded
Trigger: Pull: 5 lbs
Frame: Polymer
Barrel length: 3.1"
Frame Width: .88"

Kel-Tec first released the PF-9 back in 2006 as a compromise between the Kel-Tec P11 and P3AT handguns already being manufactured.  In fact, it uses some the same parts. 

It comes in three versions:

  1) Blued finish

  2) Parkerized finish

  3) Hard Chrome finish

The Kel-Tec PF-9 is a semi-automatic that is chambered in 9mm only, and is one of the flattest, lightest 9mm made, so let's get started scoring this handgun as I'm sure that is why you came to this site.

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Durability and Reliability

The Kel-Tec PF-9 is not the cornerstone of D&R as far as handguns go.  The history of this gun after it's release is shaded with many complaints of failure to feed (FTF) and failure to eject (FTE).  The good news is that Kel-Tec seems to have worked most of that out and you can feel confident that one purchased recently will work correctly. 

The only issue that I have experienced personally is that the second magazine doesn't have a strong enough spring to get the round in the chamber, of course, leading to FTF.  Once on the phone with Kel-Tec, they were very helpful and offered to replace it if I sent it back with no issues, so high marks there! 

As you can see above, I added an extra picture to show the wear of the blued finish at the back of the gun at the top.  The blued finish is not that durable and I would recommend getting the parkerized version. 

You can also see that the polymer or plastic is very easy to scratch as I did by the trigger guard.  Now keep in mind, that I got this gun for $300, and for that, I didn't expect it to be like my HK or Glock.

Funny thing is that I still feel good enough to carry it. 

Durability & Reliability = 6


The Kel-Tec PF-9 comes with two 7 round magazines, one with an extension for your third finger.  Being that a single stack magazine compromises firepower for size, 7 rounds is about average.  I would prefer at least an extended magazine with 8 rounds. 

If you are using a 124 grain bullet the energy at the muzzle will be around 360 ft/lbs and with a 7 round magazine it will have a average score. 

Firepower = 5


graphic 39008729

So what would you expect from such a small gun?  Probably not going to be the best accuracy coming from a gun with a price tag of $300 and a 3.1" barrel.  Well it's average......

I had no issue putting my shots on the paper, but not the best groups.  This gun does have a good kick making quick follow up shots wonder a bit.  I'm sure with some practice I could get better. 

My wife actually shot this gun better than I did, and that maybe because she has smaller hands.

Accuracy = 6

Size & Weight

This is where the PF-9 is going to shine, and really competes.  The gun weighs only, and I mean only, 12.7oz unloaded, so now the heavy recoil gets some perspective doesn't it?  Did I tell you this gun reminds me of a little Sig Sauer in the styling.  Maybe it's just me, let me know what you think and chime in at the end of the review.

The size is small, about where you would think it should be, and I can put all three fingers on the grip. (barely)  It is very manageable and concealable if you intend to use this for concealed carry.  Of course, that is why it was made and should be used for. 

The wife does like to carry this handgun because of the size, but doesn't like to shoot it all day at the range because it can cause some wrist pain. 

Size & Weight = 10

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