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This is where the HK shines above all others and I mean that seriously.  Neither me or the wife have ever picked up a gun for the first time and just went WOW.. 

First off, the grip is fantastic and with the ability to not only change the back strap, but the sides of the grip it really makes this gun stand out.  I've read of others changing only one side to make it fit their hand just the way they want.

The slide release is long and easy to reach and having no safety I can't really say it's not where it should be.  The magazine release is on the trigger guard and is easier to use than you may think.  It actually works better for me than the thumb releases.  Oh, this handgun is also good for a lefty or righty, so no worries there.

The de-cocking button on the back is on the left and it is easy to reach even if you are a lefty.

The only issue I had was with the way I grip the gun the trigger guard rubs on my thumb when I shoot.  Having a rounded trigger guard would help me, but doesn't seem to bug anyone else.  

Ergonomics = 10

Ease of Use

Here is another category during the HK P30L review I will score it very high in.

First off, racking the slide can be done with two fingers easily.  It is so smooth, it's like butter.  This is something I remember from the last HK I shot.  The quality engineering is evident when manipulating the slide.  

Working the slide release is equally as easy and won't hurt your thumb like some handguns and with a long release it's not hard to find.  The trigger is a DA/SA and is soft and easy to pull, but I wish it had a crisper break, but you can have it modified to help that, but why?   Just get used to the trigger.  

Dis-assembly is not the easiest, but still not that difficult.  You have to push in the right slide release to get the slide off, and I just think they could have done a better job with that.  Cleaning is a breeze and reassembly is also easy.

Shooting the gun is very manageable and with 9mm rounds it really has little recoil.  HK is supposed to be very good at recoil management, this gun is no different.  The sights are easy to see, there is just the right amount of daylight between the front sight and rear sights, but changing the grip panels was kind of difficult.

Ease of Use = 9


You will not find accessories abundant for this gun, meaning if you want to run to Bass Pro Shop and pick up a holster, you won't find a good selection.  I had to order extra mags and a holster online to go with this gun.  

Although, you still have the typical lights and lasers that would fit nicely on the  front rail, I can't score this gun to high on accessories.

Accessories = 6


During the P30L review it was evident that I didn't trust this gun a whole lot since it didn't function correctly every time, so for me the role of this gun was strictly range for me. This could make a good home defense weapon, but you would have to use +P ammunition and for some reason the owners manual says not to use it.  Hmmmm, I find that funny given they say to use NATO ammo which is more powerful than the standard 9mm we shoot here in the US.

This gun has never malfunctioned with NATO rounds in it, but who can afford to shoot the good stuff all the time.  Having to buy NATO ammo to ensure proper function will hurt it some, but 15 rounds does help. I will score this as a home defense/range gun.  

Function/Role = 8


This gun is not a good value in my opinion, so let me get that out up front.  It costs close to $1000 and for that amount I have guns that shoot better for almost half as much.  

The intangibles like the "ease of use," is what you are paying for here.  Like I eluded to earlier, the fit and finish of the gun is undeniable and the ergonomics is fantastic.  Still, it's a lot to pay for something you may not trust in my humble opinion.... 

Value = 6

Durability & Reliability = 6
Firepower = 8
Accuracy = 8
Size & Weight = 8
Ergonomics =10
Ease of Use = 9
Accessories = 6
Function/Role = 7
Value = 6
TOTAL = 68



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