The specifications of the HK P30L

Origin: Germany
Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 15 rounds
Overall length: 7.56"
Action: Single Action / Double Action
Weight: 27.52 oz
Trigger: Pull: about 4.5 lbs SA and 11.5 DA
Frame: Polymer
Barrel length: 4.4"
Frame Width: 1.37"

The HK P30L is one of the latest handguns to come from HK and it has created much buzz because of it's ergonomics.  The HK design team really worked on trying to create a gun that can fit the hands of many shooters as I will explain later in the review. 

There are many versions of this handgun in 9mm and also .40 S&W:

P30L (Reviewed here)




Click here to view models from the HK website.  

Here we are reviewing the HK 9mm P30L which is the long slide version of the P30, hence the L.  The difference is just what I mentioned, it has a longer slide and it does make a difference in the performance of this handgun.  Read on to see how.  You maybe shocked!

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Durability and Reliability

HK has long been know as a manufacture that makes great firearms known to be durable and reliable, but like every company that has this reputation they must continually strive to stay that way. 

Taking this handgun out of the box you can see right away that this handgun upholds the famous fit and finish that HK is known for.  The gun is smooth, feels solid and it looks really nice to boot. 

So let me tell you I was slightly disappointed to come across an issue with this pistol.  Given that it has a longer slide than the P30 it has a tendency to fail when ejecting spent brass.  So I was off to find out whether this issue was my own or common with this gun.  

My research discovered that many others had the same problem initially, but seemed to get better after it had been broken in with about 500 rounds of NATO quality 9mm ammo.  So I shot and shot and shot and put 1000 rounds down the barrel (just hard work! lol) and it finally stopped failing for me, but my wife with maybe a softer grip on the gun still has the brass ejecting back at her face when she shoots, signaling weak ejection.  

Because this gun was meant to be a fun handgun for us to use at the range I must say I'm a little disappointed.  Again the P30 seems not to have this issue.  When I contacted HK about this, they were pretty snarky about it and told me to lock the slide back for a few days, which I already had done for a week.  They then told me that I could send it back and they would test it, but given the seemingly snarky rep I was speaking to I'm sure that it would be a waste of time.  So I'm disappointed with HK for customer support.

Durability & Reliability = 6


The P30L comes with two 15 round magazines which for a gun this size is average.  I will give this gun a little boost over others with shorter barrels given the fact that you will gain some better ballistics with a longer barrel.   

So if you are using a 124 grain bullet the energy at the muzzle will be around 360 ft/lbs and with an 15 round magazine it will have a decent score.  

Firepower = 8


graphic 39008729

Accuracy was something that I expected to be very good with this gun, despite the issue with FTE (Failure to Eject).  

I shot relatively good groups and found that the sights worked well and follow up shots where fairly easy to get back on paper.  I think a crisper trigger would greatly help the accuracy, but some would tell you that a good trigger doesn't make up for poor shooting.    

The wife found it about the same as I did and hit the mark with consistency once she got used to the trigger. 

Now for a gun with this long of a barrel I did expect it to be a little better, like another HK I shot a few years back but overall still good.   

Accuracy = 8

Size & Weight

The weight on this handgun was about where you thought it would be and the extra long barrel really balanced it out quite well.  It had enough weight that recoil was no issue at all, but the wife had to put it down every 5-8 shots to give her arm a break.  

The size is excellent  and really looks good in the hand.  However, this is not a gun you want to try and carry concealed.  I guess you could, but it too heavy and would stick out too much for it to be practical, although 15 rounds may come in handy.   

For it's size the weight was good.

Size & Weight = 8

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