Review Methodology

If your  interested in understanding THR's handgun review methodology then this is where you should start.  Here I will explain how I score each category and explain what I'm looking for and what I'm not.

If you would like to read the overview and continue on in order than please read on below, but if you would like to jump to a specific category then please click on the one you want to go straight to it.

Durability & Reliability



Size & Weight


Ease of Use




These reviews are targeted for anyone who is interested in handguns, but is not intended to be a detailed review that would put you to sleep.  Best way to say it, is that if you looking for an Armorer to perform this review and tell you how they really like the feed ramp, then this is not your review.

What you will get is a down to earth simple review of each handgun.  Like I said on the home page, I will weight each category differently for women and men giving me separate scores for each.  I can do this by my survey results and finding out what is important to women and men.

For example, if I ask women and men to rank Ease of Use, Value, Ergonomics it may look something like this.

Women: 1) Value 2) Ergonomics 3) Ease of Use
Men: 1) Ease of Use 2) Ergonomics 3) Value

I then weight the category by rank of importance.  So.....

1 = 10 points
2 = 9 points
3 = 7 points.

So if I scored the handgun as follows: (weight x score = X)

Value = 8     
Ergonomics = 7
Ease of Use = 5

Then women would have a final score of 178, men would have 169.  This would tell me that with only those three categories, women would prefer this handgun over men.  This will also allow me to create custom top ten ranks for each.  I hope this helps makes sense out my review methodology.


What to take out of the specifications of the guns?  Well talking with others, myself included, most people it seems key in on the weight, caliber, and magazine capacity.  Those are important things because they really give you a good baseline to compare with other handguns.

I have added key specifications on each handgun that I review.  Again, not to bore you with detail specs you don't care about or understand I have provided the specs that I think matter the most.  I mean would you really care what twist the barrel had as long as it was accurate?  Probably not. 

So lets go in to detail about the categories I score in our reviews, shall we?

To read about how we score Durability and Reliability click here.

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