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The Ruger SR22 is a neat little gun that actually fits in your hand really well.  The SR22 comes with two grip sizes and the larger one works well with my hand and my wife's.  This is a big plus for this gun. The shape of the grip actually feels nice and has a place for all my fingers.  

The slide release and safety (ambidextrous) are easy to reach.  The sights have a little too much light between the front and rear sights when looking at you sight picture.  The mag release doesn't get in the way and is also on both sides.  Not sure why they didn't add the slide release for lefty's. The hammer could be a bit wider but isn't hard to reach.

Overall pretty good, but will lose marks for the slide release not being on both sides so for the Ruger SR22 review it scored a.....

Ergonomics = 7

Ease of Use

During the Ruger SR22 review you could see that this gun was easy to use and fun.  

The slide is easy to rack and the release is not hard on the thumb so no complaining from my lovely wife on this one.  The trigger is not to bad, but not all that smooth and works better in single action with a decent reset. I hate that when you have no magazine in it the trigger goes limp.  Just a pet peeve for mine.....

The grip feels good and doesn't seem to slip in your hands after shooting it awhile.  The safety is what baffles me on this gun, I mean I like that it de-cocks the gun when you put it on safe, but it's in the wrong direction. To put in on safe you push it down and the opposite when taking it off. 

Like I mentioned before, the hammer could be a little bigger making it easier to use.  The sights work well and they are adjustable, so that's a plus.  

Taking this gun apart and cleaning it is very easy, except for the barrel is fixed on the frame and I'd rather it come off, but I suspect that it helps with the accuracy.  Reassembling this gun is a little more tricky getting it off due to the barrel not coming out, but you can get used to it after a few times, though it can get frustrating at times.  The barrel is stainless steel which is nice.  

My wife likes this gun so much, she has talked about how she wishes it was a 9mm so she could carry it.  Oh, I can't forget to tell you that loading the magazines is the easiest thing ever, so another big plus for us.

Ease of Use = 9


Not a whole bunch of things out there for this gun that I have seen. I mean a simple generic holster can be found anywhere and it does have a rail if you want to add a light or laser.  

Accessories =5


graphic 39008729

Well having fun doing the Ruger SR22 review it was evident that this is not a home defense weapon, but an excellent plinker, and an excellent gun to start beginners shooting.  We took a women to the range who has never in her life even been close to a range before and started her off with this gun.  It wasn't long until she was comfortable with shooting an actual gun before we moved up from there.  Like I said, a fun starter gun.

Ok, I hear some of you out there saying "You can carry that gun!"  Yes, you are right.  For this discussion, I would submit that this is better than nothing and if you have some good ammo, confident using it, than it could be effective, but in general, you can find many better options.  

For this category it will be scored as a Range/Plinker.

Function/Role = 10


You can pick this gun up for about $380 - $400, which makes it pretty affordable, especially taking into account shooting .22lr is pretty cheap when compared to any other round.  With all the fun you can have with this gun and the low cost of shooting it.....

Value = 9

Durability & Reliability = 9
Firepower = 3
Accuracy = 7
Size & Weight = 9
Ergonomics = 7
Ease of Use = 9
Accessories = 5
Function/Role =10
Value = 9
TOTAL = 68

Have any thing to share about your experiences with the SR22?

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