Ruger SR22 review

The specifications of the RUGER SR22

Origin: USA
Caliber: .22LR
Capacity: 10 rounds
Overall length: 6.4"
Action: DA/SA
Weight: 17.5 oz
Trigger: Pull: unknown
Frame: Polymer
Barrel length: 3.5"
Frame Width: 1.29"

The popular Ruger SR22 comes in three models, a black anodized with and without threaded barrel, and a silver anodized one also without threaded barrel.  Are you looking for a gun to go plinking or maybe break in a beginner?  Heck, some even use this gun for concealed carry.  So lets get started and review this .22LR standout.

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Durability and Reliability

This gun has a very good reputation for both durability and reliability, in fact Ruger SR22 overall has a good reputation for durability.  This gun just fires and fires and fires, and doesn’t seem to miss a beat.  I have heard of some having issues with the first round failing to feed (mostly user error), but I couldn’t duplicate it at all.

I shot mostly Winchester white box and even dirty this gun just kept going.  The fit and finish is very nice.  When you rack the slide back and forth you can feel that everything is just put together very well.  I have no issue with this gun for D&R......

Durability & Reliability = 9


graphic 39008729

Ok, this gun is not a power house and you might feel a little sheepish when shooting next to someone with a 45 ACP, but it was never meant to knock down a deer.  The magazine can carry 10 rounds, single stacked, which I can say I was a little disappointed.  I mean I like to shoot more before changing magazines. 

Considering .22LR ballistics (98 ft/lbs of energy) and having 10 rounds per mag the firepower will be rated low.

Firepower = 3


Not every gun can be accurate, but the Ruger SR22 hits the mark here.  Is it a nail driver?  No it is not, but it does make pretty nifty groups if you are a good shooter for such a short gun.

The trigger is not bad, but since the gun is so light if your not technically sound you won’t make tight groups.  Me and the wife have shot it pretty darn well and follow on shots are easy with low recoil.  

Lots of fun to run El Presidente drills.....

Accuracy = 7

Size & Weight

At 17.5 oz this is not a heavy gun, but not as light as you may think.  Consider there are 9mm handguns under 17oz and that may put this into perspective.  When you add ammo into the mix, it doesn’t really add much weight to the gun, making it feel about right.

The size is small, more like a sub compact.  The size and weight seem to be right about where you would want them on this gun.  Did I say some folks carry this gun for self defense?

Size & Weight = 9

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