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Here again I would say that the differences between men and women really shows.  As I can appreciate the thin grip I don’t like it as much as the wife when it comes down to just shooting it.  It wasn’t bad, but I just prefer a full grip.

There are no adjustable back straps, but that ok given that this is meant for conceal carry.  I still thought that it pointed very naturally and was quick to get on target.  Maybe not like my Glock but pretty quick never the less.

I did find that I liked the smooth edges , but the safety was a little hard to reach and really was tough to disengage.  Now that may not alway be a bad thing, but it worries me in a high stress situation.  Hence why you hear me say you must practice with this gun a lot if you intend to carry it.  I’m hoping that the safety is smoother when it’s used a bit more.  My wife also struggled just a bit with the safety, but not as much as me.

Reaching the magazine and slide release  was no issue for either of us and we both preferred the 8 round extended magazine over the 7.  Gives a place for the third finger.  I have heard of early model have issues with the 7 round magazine seating properly, but I believe that problem was solved.  I’m interested in hearing others feed back on that also, so if you have a story to tell please send us your comments below.

The trigger is smooth to the touch and nothing seems to hurt after putting some rounds down range.  Only bad mark for me was the safety location.  So for ergonomics in this Shield 9 review......

Ergonomics = 7

Ease of Use

I found during the Shield 9 review that the ease of use was mixed.  I can say for sure that it is a pleasure to shoot and could easily keep me having fun all day at the range.  The trigger pull was glock like and really was on par  for shoot-ability.  The 6.5 lbs trigger had a nice break with a good reset.  

The sights were excellent with just the right amount light between the front and rear sights.  The 3 dot system work very well on this gun and it is easy to keep on target.  Of course if the front dot stays on.  Can you tell that bugged me yet?

The slide is a little stiff, but seems to be getting better, though my hand slips quite a bit more than I like when trying to rack the slide.  You may have to lock the slide back for awhile to loosen it up.

The slide release is tough to use, but some of that is the fact that it is slimmed down for concealed carry, but the magazine release is great!  The grip is a bit smooth and gets a little slippery when your hand sweats.  Like to see a little more course grip for better handling.

For the Shield 9 review I was very interested and getting this thing disassembled, and I will say that i found it to hard to take apart.  Does it need to be this hard?  It’s just that the disassemble lever is a bummer to move.  I do hope it gets easier over time.  The wife just can’t do it the way it is right now.  But once apart it is much like the glocks are, easy to clean.

This handgun is great for concealment and is a great inside the waistband concealed carry pistol.  Can wear this all day no issues.  and the thin frame makes it easy to hide.

Ease of Use = 7


You can go out and find plenty of sights, and holsters for the M&P Shield 9.  It’s very popular and you should be able to find something you like to add on to it.  It doesn’t have a rail on the front so the choices will be some what limited because of that.  

I would recommend some night sights for this gun, as well as adding something for more grip.

Accessories = 7


The Shield 9 was meant to be a concealed carry handgun.  There is no disputing that....  I would carry this weapon, but not trust it as much as some other guns.  That may change in time.

It is easy to conceal and is would be a good carry weapon for people that just have to have a manual safety on their guns.  What do you mean J.C.?  Well I don’t like manual safeties because I’m afraid that I may miss the safety when I have to use it under stress.  That is why you will hear me preach that you must really work on drawing this gun. 

Should you buy this gun for the range?  Well yes you could!  The good thing about this gun is that it is fun to shot and has a good balance of conceal-ability and shoot-ability.  So if your looking for a gun that may work in a dual role than this handgun would fit the bill.  But I would find something else if you could for home protection, although it’s better than nothing.  

Function/Role = 7


So to conclude the Shield 9 review lets talk about value.  This one is actually hard to judge, I mean the lack of these guns around are driving the price up big time.  Smith and Wesson lists it as $449, but you can see them out as high as almost $700.  

I would say if you can get this gun somewhere in the $500-$600 range than get it.  But one word of caution, if you really want this gun then buy it when you see it.  

So I would say the value is good if you can get it close to list value, but you have many more options when you start getting up to $600.  So if you are looking for a dual role gun as I talked about above then maybe you reach some to get it.  

Don’t forget that it shoots 9mm so relatively speaking it is cheaper to shot.  I know, I can you hear you screaming “If you can get ammo!”  I hear ya, but let hope things settle down some.

Value = 8

Durability & Reliability = 8
Firepower = 6
Accuracy = 8
Size & Weight = 8
Ergonomics =6
Ease of Use = 7
Accessories = 7
Function/Role = 8
Value = 7
TOTAL = 65

Have anything to say about your experinces with the Shield 9?

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