Sig Sauer Handgun Reviews

During the Sig Sauer Handgun Reviews here at THR I will be talking about some of the most discussed handguns on the internet.  The P226 is often discussed when the topic comes up of who makes the best combat handgun.  So it will be my pleasure to give you some quick background on the company that makes these guns, but if you wish to go straight to the reviews than please click on them below. 


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Sig actually has it's roots in Switzerland and in 1970 they had to partner with a German company Sauer & Sohn. In 1975 Sig Sauer manufactured their first handgun the P220. Widely known for there rifles and shotguns they setup shop in the us in 1985 in Tyson’s Virginia to start importing the P220 and the P230. 

I don't want to over whelm you with historical facts, but Sig Sauer is now base in New Hampshire and is the fastest growing manufactures in the United States and is aggressive with trying to expand it's operations. 

The compact version of the popular P226 known as the P228 (M11) became a mainstay in the US military, and a favorite of a friend of mine who given his choice of handguns choose the P228. He referred to Sig Sauer as the Cadillac of handguns. Always talked about how it shot....

Sig Sauer has a unique look to them and some folks find them heavy and kind of bulky, but a huge segment of shooter swear by them for durability and reliability even though it was said that recently they have had some production issues. (So I hear) It is not uncommon for me to run into people on forums talking about how the old P226s are better than the new ones.

Did you know?

So what movie has the P220 series of handguns not been in? Well lately you have seen it in "Act of Valor", "Resident Evil: Retribution", "The Bourne Legacy", and "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol". I guess Jeremy Renner must really like it...

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