Sig Sauer P250 Review

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The Sig Sauer P250 is a relatively simplistic design with the magazine release and the slide release easy to reach.  The trigger feels good and has plenty of room inside the trigger guard.  

The magazine release is well designed, both the slide and the mag release is ambidextrous   I did find that the grip was kind of small. The gun has a high bore axis, meaning it sits high in the hand.  It doesn't fell natural to me.

Although, the full size and compact can change their frame for different grip sizes, the sub-compact does not.  Not sure why they didn't design adjustable back straps at a minimum. The frame and slide are modular, but not the grip.

Ergonomics = 7

Ease of Use

During the Sig Sauer P250 review, it was evident that it was fairly easy to use. The slide was easy to work, the magazine release and slide release did not kill my thumb to use, as some handguns do.

The sights were solid, provided a nice sight picture, but the trigger pull being that it is so long is distracting and takes away some of the fun factor if you want to go for a day to the range with it. 

The simple design does translate into the gun being disassembled quite easily, in fact one of the easiest that I have run into. Once apart, the gun is easy to clean and assembling the gun was just as easy. Good job there SIG....

Ease of Use = 8


You can find plenty of accessories out there for this gun, but most of them are holsters and sights.  This gun does not have a rail system and that will limit the amount of accessories for this gun.  Night sights are a popular option for this gun.

Accessories =7


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Concealed carry - This gun is made for this and the long trigger versus a safety is a good thing, but the weight is a bit much for me, but in return you get 12 rounds of 9mm.  

For the range and at home for defense this gun is average because it's not that much fun to shoot for extended periods of time.  Not having a front rail and more firepower really limits it's home defense use.  

So for the function of concealed carry I will score it as such......

Function/Role = 6


You can pick this gun up for about $550 - $600, which puts it right into a very popular range.  If you are a big Sig Sauer fan than this maybe your gun of choice for concealed carry, but for others I think you can find better options.

Value = 8

Durability & Reliability = 8
Firepower = 7
Accuracy = 7
Size & Weight = 6
Ergonomics = 7
Ease of Use = 8
Accessories = 7
Function/Role = 6
Value = 8
TOTAL = 64

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