Smith and Wesson Handgun Reviews

You would most likely have heard of Smith and Wesson (S&W) if you watch the TV or talk to anyone about handguns.  They make a popular line of rifles and handguns called M&P.  I have included an overview on how S&W got started, but if interested in going straight to the reviews, then please have at it.

S&W M&P Shield 9

S&W 642

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Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson started their endeavor of making firearms in 1852 in Norwich, Connecticut.  It didn't take long for their newly formed company to start to have financial difficulties which forced them to sell the company to Oliver Winchester, and in 1866 Winchester Repeating Arms Co. was using the Smith & Wesson lever action design.

In 1870, they started to manufacture the Model 3 which was the first large caliber revolver, and propelled them as a world leader in handgun manufacturing. 

During the Clinton administration, in 2000, S&W privately made agreements with the government to support some gun safety standards and designs, which made them very unpopular with most gun groups and their sales suffered by 40%. 

Soon after, in 2003, they were bought by Saf-T-Hammer and now with 160 years of history and employing 1,600 jobs in America they are producing revolvers, polymer pistols, metal pistols, concealed carry pistols, bolt action rifles, black powder rifles, and modern sporting rifles.

In 2012, they also launched a small line of women's clothing, and now are offering concealed carry clothing as well.

Did you know?

The Smith & Wesson Model 29, made in 1955, was made famous by Clint Eastwood in his Dirty Harry movies (1971).  It was billed "The most powerful handgun in the world"

"Go ahead, make my day" - Dirty Harry

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