Springfield Armory Handgun Reviews

This is another very popular handgun manufacture so lets do some Springfield Armory Handgun Reviews . 

Springfield Armory produces the popular lines of XD and XDM handguns, along with some 1911 style guns also.  So please click on the link below to go straight to the review, or continue on to get a brief overview of the company that makes these popular handguns.



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So of course when you think of Springfield armory you associate that with Springfield Massachusetts.  Well sorry to disappoint, but Firearms haven't been manufactured there since 1968.

The original Springfield armory was in service from 1777 - 1968 and was the primary manufacture for the U.S. Military.  Ever heard of the Springfield M1903?  This rifle was a staple for the US for a long time.  Now the location of the original Springfield Armory is a National Park.  It has the world's largest collections of historic firearms.

Springfield Armory really was a manufacture that brought mass production, assembly line and interchangeable parts to firearm production.  Kinda like Ford motor company did for automobiles.   Don’t overlook the importance of interchangeable parts.  That is something that our military today still relies on.  If you have to repair one of these weapons in the field it makes it much easier to take parts from another rifle to get you going again and really helped speed up manufacturing.

In 1974 the Springfield Armory name was licensed to Robert Reese so that he could form Springfield Armory Inc.  Now located in Illinois they started manufacturing the M14 rifle and an M1911 pistol.  Now producing the popular line of XD and XDM pistols.

Did you know?

That the XD is actually made in Croatia as the HS2000 and marketed in the U.S. as the Springfield Armory XD, XDM, or XD-S lines?  Take it as you may, but these pistols are major players in the handgun arena and I will talk about these in my reviews. 

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