Handgun Value

Handgun Value is a great category, don't you think?  I mean is the handgun worth it or is it not?  So this is where we really add up all of the categories and judge whether or not the price justifies what we are getting. 

So for an example, the Glock 27 rates well here.  Given the firepower, size, and reliability the $500-$550 you pay for it is quite good.  

If I rank something below a 7 than you should really consider what it is that you would want to buy it for.  If a gun is a 6 because it's just supremely expensive, but you always wanted to own one, and it still serves its purpose, than sure go get it.  Of course, if the spouse will let you!  :)

If something is below a 5, then I'm not sure why anyone is buying it at all really.  So if this category is your biggest consideration when looking for a handgun then you should pay good attention to this score.  And yes, I will sometimes score a gun that is worth $1000 highly, so price is not the only thing I will be looking at.

Fun to shoot and cool factor is something we have to consider, don't we?

Take a look at this commercial and tell me what this gun is worth...

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