Bleue Knight Chaplain @ Posse member of County Sheriffs office

by Gary

When it comes to constant use of the G27, The ability of getting very accurate fast is better then most. I guess one can say this about any fire arm to some extent, but as one that has used a number of different hand held's, it seems that the over-all construction of the G27 in conjunction with consistent practice Seems to allow the user to learn to be a great deal more accurate much faster then most hand held's. Ho ! at first, for a concealed carry it may feel just a little heavy, but that is something one can get used to when considering the amount of knock power this 40 Cal has... And Any one in law enforcement will tell you, that when it comes to being in a fire fight, knock down capacity is everything...May every-one of you out there stay safe,happy and healthy....God Bless

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