gun cleaning the glock

by Johnny
(Denver co)

I was starting to clean my 27. Wife wanted something and I walked away. Came back and the clip was laying there so I knew I did that step. Well a hole in the table and rug is the result and I have been around guns all my life.

While taking the gun apart there is a step where you must pull the trigger to get the slide off the gun. Having a bullet left in the chamber, it will go off.

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Jun 06, 2018
Cleaning “weapons”
by: A lil wiser

Do you also take apart your shovels and baseball bats also before cleaning?.....Because those could also be used as "weapons". Your firearm is a Tool. If your Firearm is the "weapon" and you are the tool there is need for concern. It’s usually military and law enforcement that love to use the term "weapon" for everything firearm related. Do we really need any help with all the anti’s and negative media views towards firearms by constantly referencing a firearm each time as a weapon. It is does Not make one sound any more professional or firearm intelligent to do so. As a matter of fact working at the state conservation ranges we were taught to avoid referencing firearms as "weapons". This was hard for some with various military or law enforcement background, however it makes perfectly good sense. We want more folks like us. we don’t need help painting firearms in a negative light, there is enough of that in media and with all the antis.

Jun 16, 2016
Cleaning a glock
by: Anonymous

Guns don't go off when you take the round out of the chamber!!! Before disassembling any weapon always ensure that it is unloaded!

Mar 14, 2016
accidental discharge.....
by: Anonymous

From what you described it was operator error and not a problem with the weapon. PS those things that hold ammo are called a magazine not clip.

Feb 06, 2016
Close call
by: John

One of my law enforcement friends said that happens even with people who handle Glocks everyday. This is one reason I don't recommend Glocks for the first time buyer or someone who is not experienced with handling handguns. At least no one got hurt. Thanks for writing.

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