my glocks

by Jonathan Cloud
(Lexington ky)

I have both the glock 26 gen 4 and the glock 27 gen 3. Bought the 26 for my girlfriend and the 27 for me. I have fired both gun and have to say the glock 26 is much more easier to shoot. Especially since they both have such stubby grips. I have not bought magazine extensions yet. But is defiantly on my to do list. Extensions I feel are a must with the glock 27. But overall I love both of these guns and would recommend them to anyone looking for a good conceal gun.
On a side note: in this review it was said that you have to pull the trigger to release slide when breaking the glocks down for cleaning. I have not had to pull the trigger one time to release the slide. As soon as you pull down on the small clips on both side to release slide. The slide will come right off without pulling the trigger.

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Aug 28, 2015
by: John

They are great guns and you can't go wrong with buying either one. With my G27 it works best to pull the trigger, but I will look into that. Thanks!

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