Retired CA Fish and Game Warden

by Robert Prosser
(North CA)

The Glock's, 22 and 27, were our issued duty firearms. While at the range my 22 had a major malfunction when I shot one round which lodged in the barrel. Enough powder to cycle the action and load a second round. I fired the second round which exploded the Glock. The slide did not come off the frame but numerous internal parts exited the ejection port.
The ammunition was duty ammo from a major supplier and not reloads.
There were 10 Officers in our squad and with the lot of ammo we had three, yes three, of our Glock 22's had the same malfunction. All three held together, the ammo returned with a bill for three new guns.
I can tell you the Glock is a very tough firearm.

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